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Cyberport Annual Report

Hong Kong


Gusto XR Labs enhanced the viewing experience of Cyberport Hong Kong’s Annual Report of 2019/2020 by adding various Augmented Reality experiences. The project utilized WebAR and Image Recognition to produce image, video and graphic overlays over images in certain places within the annual report.


To deliver a smooth and seamless WebAR experience for readers of the report to access with their smartphones. Part of this entailed implementing image recognition so that the photos/graphics could be recognized and accurate tracking so that videos could be overlaid on top. 26Hz also produced the 3D models for the WebAR effect.


A testimonial from Cyberport:

“Gusto XR Labs were very professional and did a great job of fulfilling our requests. They delivered a result that was up to our quality specifications and managed to create an Augmented Reality experience that was integrated seamlessly with our physical report. We would definitely work with Gusto XR Labs on future projects.”

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