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Interior Design
Hong Kong


Hong Kong-based Interior design & construction agency (Loftmaster) approached Gusto XR Labs to create a web-based Augmented Reality experience to showcase their latest design showcase. The AR experience was to be featured in their monthly brochure, a physical print medium.


The current COVID-19 situation has increased the need for real-estate and interior design companies to reassess their marketing strategies. Innovative companies like Loftmaster see clear benefits in using exciting new technologies like WebAR to continue operations and upgrade existing marketing.


To deliver a user-friendly WebAR property viewing experience for customers to view on their smartphones from print materials.


Tracked metrics:

·        Over 4K views within the first week of launch

·        Average dwell time — 2:23

·        On average, users touched all 3 buttons an average of 8 times each, and watched a total of 24 animations

Client-side metrics:

·        +44% increase in enquiries in the week of the campaign launch

·        65% of enquiries had seen or tried out the AR campaign

·        Multiple requests from customers to extend AR showcase to Loftmaster’s entire range of projects

What Loftmaster had to say

“Traditionally we had clients visit our showrooms but that became difficult after the virus. We had a very tight deadline to execute the AR marketing strategy in order to showcase our new design but Gusto XR Labs did a great job at catering to our needs and in fact delivered the final product way before I was expecting! After the materials containing the AR experience were printed, I got a lot more calls concerning that specific design. For me, this was good news since I knew they could recall it in their minds.”

— Roy Kwok, General Manager, Loftmaster

What a customer had to say

“It is my first time viewing something like this, so everything is very new to me…. But it is very convenient, because I don’t need to leave my house in order to view it. The feeling and experience is fantastic. All I have to do is just use my phone and I can see everything, even how the air moves inside! I showed this to all my friends when they came over and they thought it was amazing too”

— Kitty Chui, Homebuyer

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